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Cool Things Happening Right Now In Space
By Josh Harlow Posted in Science on August 10, 2018

Space: the great beyond. There’s some crazy things happening in the sky right above us, so to celebrate all things great and unknown, UnCached has created a science playlist of some crazy facts and objects currently in our solar system. Check it out above!

The first is a dead comet that looks like a skull. While TB145 last visited us on Halloween in 2015, it was deemed dead because it only reflects 6% of light. It’s not coming exactly on October 31st this year, but this fall we will see the creepy gray comet sometime this fall. The next time it will pass us on Halloween will be in 2088.

Going from creepy to cool, we have a galaxy that is orbiting our galaxy. That’s some meta/inception level stuff right there. It’s super compact, named Segue 1, and no one really knows how it got there… It just kind of does its thing since it got trapped in our orbit around 8 billion years ago. It takes this little guy 600 million years to rotate around our entire galaxy. Neat!

Lastly, we just discovered 44 exoplanets all at once thanks to a technical glitch in the Keplar space telescope. You know what they say, sometimes mistakes make the biggest breakthroughs. If these facts don’t satiate your scientific appetite, the videos above also answer the question of “what sound two black holes make when they collide?”

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