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Changes In Twitter Platform May Alter Follower Numbers
By Emily Miller Posted in News on July 12, 2018

Celebrities are known for having a loyal and usually massive following on social media. But it has been reported that Twitter is making a huge change in its follower count. Twitter has made is very clear that locked accounts no longer count towards an individuals follower number.

Locked accounts are frozen but not deleted and this is due to a sudden change in user behavior. This means that several celebrities or just people with a large following will probably see a big dip in their number of followers. Certain individuals that will see a big drop are Katy Perry, Obama, and even Trump.

A spokeswoman said that the change would likely impact millions and millions of accounts. They have also tried honing in on particularly suspicious accounts over the past two months. In response, the share price is down 8 percent, as investors fear the change could hurt Twitter’s growth metrics.

Check out the videos above to see the changes behind the audit of locked accounts on Twitter.

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