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Can Facebook Quizzes Be Dangerous?

Can Facebook quizzes be dangerous? This is the question on everyone’s minds as a story was reported on KTNV yesterday regarding the supposed risks of taking seemingly harmless Facebook quizzes.

According to the report, experts at Facebook say that some of these quizzes could be rather dangerous, as they may contain identifying pieces of information that could be potentially linked back to specific individuals.

For example, some of the apparent ‘innocent’ quizzes such as “what does your eye color say about you?” or “what dog are you according to your zodiac sign?” are actually not as innocent as they seem. A pair of Ukrainian hackers have been found to be using this information to gain access to the users’ accounts. The more apps, and therefore, quizzes, that the users allow to access their accounts, the greater the risk of sharing their private information.

Experts say that the best way to protect yourself against such attacks on your user accounts is to simply make sure that you’re using different passwords for your accounts on different websites. That way, even if a hacker does manage to access one of your accounts, they won’t be able to hack into your other accounts.

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