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Best Android Phones: 2019 Lineup

Planning to get a new phone in 2019? Experts at Digital Trends have tested and curated countless Android smartphones for those who are searching for the perfect new phone – all categorized into four different budgets. Here’s a short overview of the best Android phones for 2019 (so far).

Budget: $200

Function over form. At this price range, you can’t be too choosey with the phone you’re going to end up with, but at the same time, you don’t have to stay with an awfully slow, terribly laggy phone either.

Winner: Moto E5 Plus

At this price, it’s amazing how the Moto E5 Plus was able to include a 6.0-inch display and a whopping 5000 mAh of battery. And fast charging too? Come on Moto, take our money and go.

Budget: $300

We’re slowly starting to move away from the budget category here, but $300 is still in midrange. Expect the good phones at this range to be able to handle everyday tasks and even some light gaming, but you may experience some lagging with graphics-heavy ones.

Winner: Nokia 6.1

Probably the best thing about the Nokia 6.1 is that it comes with Android One, which means that it’s able to receive the latest software updates. With its above-average speed, long battery life, and great build quality, this is Digital Trends’ favorite phone from the $300 range.

Budget: $500

$500 is already plenty for a decent phone, which means that you’re going to be comparing a lot of different phones at this price range. The best phones are the ones that can be mistaken a flagship phone but sacrifice the least things just to keep the costs down.

Winner: OnePlus 6T

The older siblings of OnePlus 6T have always been a good choice, and this one is just as amazing. It has a 6.41 inch OLED screen and a great camera, good for shooting even low-light shots. Plus, it has something that not a lot of modern phones have these days: a big battery that can last you a full day.

Budget: Sky’s the limit

With this price range, your choices are basically unlimited. You can opt for the phones with the fastest processor, the best camera, the most impressive display, and the most jam-packed with every single feature you can possibly think of.

Winner: Google Pixel 3

Google’s newest Google Pixel 3 wins this price range, hands down. The device is just perfectly sized for one-handed use, has a crisp and sharp 5.5 inch OLED screen, and a pretty amazing camera. What more can you ask for?

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