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Avatar Robots Are Moving From Science Fiction To Science Fact

From staffing grocery stores to helping with elderly care, robots are on track to take over plenty of common tasks and jobs. Gone are the days when robots were a sci-fi dream-like idea, and in are the days when the robots start coexisting with human beings. From a business standpoint, that is a good thing for the economy as the market for collaborate robotics is expected to grow to $12 billion by 2025.

One of the larger future markets for these robots seems to be in the retail world, as companies like Walmart have already started testing what replacing humans with robots would be like. Most of the more advanced robots are controlled by a human counterpart, therefor someone across the globe could be controlling the robot stocking shelves at the convenient store down the street. It begs the question, will outsourcing for cheap ‘robot labor’ become an even more prevalent issue?

Not all robots are here to replace jobs, though. Some are simply here to help mankind. For example, Japan’s Ory Laboratory makes a table top droid with a camera, microphone and speaker that is made specifically for people who are disabled and cannot attend events. The robot gives them the virtual experience of the event and it feels as if they are there. The future of robots is bright, economically and logistically, so if you need a new and interesting career path, this could be a solid choice!

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