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Apple To Release New Macbook Pros With Fixed Keyboards

Image Credit: Consumer Reports

It’s nice when your computer peripherals don’t break, isn’t it?

Apple made a mildly surprising announcement recently: they will be releasing new upgrades to their current line of MacBooks. This time, they promise that the new version of the butterfly keyboard will not be saddled with issues.

According to The Loop’s coverage of the announcement, “While Apple says the vast majority of its customers are happy with the keyboard, they do take customer complaints seriously, and work to fix any issues. To address the problem, Apple said they changed the material in the keyboard’s butterfly mechanism that should substantially reduce problems that some users have seen.”

The so-called “new materials” are still unknown, but Apple promises that this change in materials will lessen issues such as double key presses and missed key presses.

In relation to this, Apple is also extending their Keyboard Service Program to previous models of the MacBook, such as the 2018 MacBook Pro and 2018 MacBook Air. This allows owners of both previous generation and new generation modes to avail the service in case they encounter issues with their laptops. The service is available up to four years after the sale.