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Apple Is Finally Converting To Mac Chips

Who knew one of the largest, most innovative tech companies of our time is still figuring out ways to make all of its products work better together. This is all part of Apple’s “Kalamata” initiative, which has the aim of doing just that: a larger plan set to ensuring that all the pieces of the puzzle work better together. For Apple, that means finally switching from Intel Processors to Mac chips, according to Bloomberg News.

The larger picture is that Apple could start using its own chips in its own computers as soon as 2020. The technology titan has been using Intel Corp. prosessors since 2005, when the company shifted from IBM and Motorola chips to Intel. It comes as no surprise that Intel’s stock took a hit after the news on Monday, dropping more than seven percent already. Though Apple declined to comment on the next step, Intel said, “we don’t want to comment on speculation about our customers.”

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