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Amazon Plans New Earbuds Similar to AirPods


Amazon’s in the consumer tech sector for the long haul.

Amazon is reportedly working on a new pair of wireless earbuds that would rival that of Apple’s own wireless earphones, the Apple AirPods. According to a Bloomberg report, the new earbuds will offer direct access to Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant and will work similarly to the company’s bluetooth speakers, the Amazon Echo.

Although the earbuds themselves will be touch-sensitive, users can also just say the word “Alexa” to launch the smart assistant and access various features, some of which include the ability to play music, ask for weather reports, and offer voice-based shopping functions. Of course, if the user prefers not to speak, they can always just tap the earbuds to access its features.

Like the AirPods, Amazon’s earbuds will be charged through its case, which can be charged using a USB cable. This is also similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Buds. Sound quality is also apparently a priority for Amazon, as the company’s goal is to make its own wireless earbuds sound much better and even cost less than Apple’s $199 AirPods.

The report says that the earbuds are set to launch sometime this year, but Amazon still hasn’t confirmed this news.