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Amazon Ends Social Network Amazon Spark

Amazon has ended its Instagram-like feature, Amazon Spark, which was initially launched in 2017.

The feature served as a social media portion of the Amazon app, where Prime users could post photographs of their recently bought items. It also allowed Prime users to customize a personalized feed based on different interests, which would show them posts related to those interests. The feature is very similar to other social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. In terms of interaction, users were also allowed to “smile” or comment on the posts.

Unlike other social networks, however, Amazon Spark never really took off, which is probably why Amazon decided to remove the feature entirely from its app and site. It has been replaced with the #FoundItOnAmazon section, which the old URL now redirects to.

This new section is still quite similar to Amazon Spark, although it is less general now than before. According to an Amazon spokesperson, the company has “pivoted and narrowed the experience based on what resonated with customers.”

“We’ve changed the name to #FoundItOnAmazon to reflect the tag that influencers are using on social media to share their great finds with others,” Amazon says. “#FoundItOnAmazon is currently available to all Amazon App customers and a large portion of desktop customers as well.”