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Adobe Previews Photoshop Camera App

Credit: Adobe/Fstoppers

Modern photography has become quite the technological wonder, no?

With AI learning and better hardware, photo-capturing can be optimized to produce the best lightning, best angles, and all around best images. In those events we don’t quite get the best images, that’s what Photoshop is for. So it probably stands to reason that a Photoshop Camera would produce the best images ever, right? Well, that’s what Adobe’s trying to prove.

At their MAX 2019 keynote, Adobe unveiled Photoshop Camera, a new camera app to be released some time in 2020 for top-performing smartphones. Photoshop Camera utilizes Adobe Sensei’s AI engine to pinpoint things like subject location, lighting, and more. Supposedly, the engine can recognize the “technical content” of the photo, making adjustments on the fly depending on what you’re taking a picture of.

The app will also feature a myriad of filters and lenses, not unlike the kind of stuff Snapchat employs. This includes things like background and foreground effects and photo filters. You can customize pictures freely with these options, and of course, share them to your favorite social media in-app.

With the computational muscle present in newer phones like the iPhone 11, Adobe hopes the Photoshop Camera will be able to produce some truly stunning photos. Or at the very least, some above-average cat pictures.