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A Smart Indoor Dog Toilet For Every Dog Owner

A new smart indoor dog toilet was revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 – and it’s a dream come true for many, if not all, dog owners who have ever had a problem with their beloved pooch’s house-training.

The new device, called the “Inubox” (with ‘inu being the Japanese word for ‘dog’), is the first completely automated indoor toilet for dogs at the moment, at least according to its creators. Owners can simply train their dogs to step on the Inubox platform and the device takes over from there. It automatically detects wastes and closes the platform to begin its disposal.

Inubox’s cleaning process is strangely complex yet expected. It starts by removing the waste from the platform to be processed and putting it into a fully sealed disposable bag. It can even spray air freshener to ensure that there is absolutely no trace of the waste and dispense treats for your dog to continuously reinforce the idea of using it.

The device is currently raising $85,000 on Kickstarter, which can be had for as little as $696. Right now, the scheduled release date is in November 2019 if all goes well.