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A Quick Look at LG ThinQ Phones

LG has unveiled its latest line of flagship phones: the LG G8 ThinkQ. The new phones are a lot similar to their predecessors, the LG G7s, except they’ve got a few new tricks up their sleeve, leaving the crowd at the Mobile World Congress in awe.

The LG G8 ThinQ phones come with the newest AirMotion feature, which allows users to control the phones without having to touch them. Hand gestures can be used to control music, navigate the screen, and unlock the phone using HandID, a sophisticated method of security that involves using the owner’s biometrics.

The new lineup is also fitted with 5G technology, as a direct competition to Samsung’s 5G-enabled phones. It also has multi-camera functions with studio, portrait, AI, and manual modes. The phones even have Triple Shot and Penta Shot modes, which are definitely new in the mobile phone industry. Triple Shot mode allows users to zoom up to three times, while Penta Shot mode allows users to zoom up to three times for the rear cam and two times for the front camera, all in one click.