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A Golf Cart For All Occasions
By Josh Harlow Posted in Emerging Tech, News on July 10, 2018

What happens when you combine PGA renowned golfer Bubba Watson with crazy technology? You get gravity defying hovercrafts and jetpacks, apparently.

The BW1 is a new golf cart that throws everything you know about the old design out the window. This vehicle has the ability to traverse grass, sand, and water (the three main obstacles on golf greens) with no trouble at all.

The cart can hold two golfers and two caddies, and reaches speeds up to 45 miles per hour, making one of the slowest sports in history just a little bit faster. The unique design was a partnership between Watson, Oakley, and Neoteric Hovercraft Company, as the three used their designs to bring the future just a little bit closer to the present. All for a measly price tag of $58,000, of course.

Just watch this beast in action above, and don’t forget to check out the jetpack he helped design too, so you can get an arial view of just where your golf ball landed and zoom over there in record time. I’m sure Tiger Woods is jealous, wherever he is nowadays.

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