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A First Look At Sphero RVR

There’s a new robot aimed specifically towards people whose hobbies include programming and coding, especially those who enjoy hacking and making tech-related stuff.

A company known for its technological innovations, Sphero had already launched a couple of devices before introducing the BB-8 toy, which they launched alongside Star Wars: The Force Awakens, as well as the new Sphero Specdrums that launched just last month at CES 2019.

The Sphero RVR is Sphero’s newest project. It’s completely programmable, but it doesn’t require users to be masters at coding in order to make full use of it. Even beginners can tinker with the robot right out of the box, making it fully suitable not just for those who only require practice, but also for those who are just starting to dip their feet into coding.

The RVR has a ‘high-resolution motor encoder’ which allows the robot to be driven with agility and up to a 45-degree angle. It also has a lot of additional sensors such as a color sensor, an infrared sensor, a light sensor, a gyroscope, an accelerometer, and some others. It offers protection against easy breakage and can maintain communication with other robots from Sphero. As far as power goes, it has a large, removable battery that is charged via USB-C and an expansion port.

In a statement released by the company, co-founder Adam Wilson said, “For makers, developers and anyone who loves to build things, RVR’s advanced capabilities bring to life everything that makes coding exciting. That creative experience is at the core of why we first started Sphero.” Wilson also said, “RVR is the kind of robot I wish I had growing up.”

Interested in the new Sphero RVR? You can get one for yourself for just $200 by funding its Kickstarter campaign. As of writing, the project has already gotten over $270,000, exceeding its funding goal of $150,000 by almost double.