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5 Easy Ways To Save Your Laptop After A Water Spill

Uh-oh, spilled something on your beloved laptop? Don’t fret just yet! Here are 5 easy ways to save your laptop after a water spill, according to Digital Trends.

1. Turn off your device immediately.
Right after getting liquid on your laptop, turn it off immediately and disconnect the battery, if possible. If you leave it open for too long, you might accidentally get the device to short-circuit. Electricity and water don’t mix well, remember?
2. Take out all removable components.
If you’ve got anything hooked up to the laptop, make sure to take them all out. This includes all removable components such as a mouse, cables, or any inserted flash drives.
3. Examine all removed items.
Once you’ve removed the other components, carefully check each one for wetness or corrosion. You can use them as a sort of standard too, to see whether the liquid has reached the inside of your laptop. If there are any wet parts, dry them as soon as possible.
4. Dry the outside of your laptop.
After checking the removable components, it’s time to dry the actual laptop. If you spilled anything other than water, make sure to use cotton dipped in 99% isopropyl alcohol to remove all the spilled liquid without sustaining much damage. Water is the least harmful kind of liquid to spill on your electronic device, while sugary and alcoholic liquids are the worst.
5. Allow the laptop to air-dry for two to three days.
After wiping the area dry with a clean towel, leave your laptop in a warm dry area to air-dry for two to three days.

Now you don’t have to panic if you spill something on your laptop! But you have to hurry– the important thing is to be fast!