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2019 Looking Great for PlayStation Fans


It’s a good time to own a PlayStation.

2019 is looking great for Sony’s PlayStation consoles, thanks to upcoming titles from video game giants and announcements regarding the much-anticipated PlayStation 5.

In terms of exclusive games, PlayStation 4 is getting quite a few massive titles this year, including The Last of Us Part II, Days Gone, and Death Stranding.

The Last of Us Part II, in particular, has fans barely able to wait in excitement. This sequel to the 2013 video game of the year, The Last of Us, is also expected to be another blockbuster. First announced two years ago, the action-adventure game is expected to hit the shelves later this year, in either October or November 2019.

Days Gone, meanwhile, is a zombie apocalypse action-adventure survival horror game similar to popular titles such as Left 4 Dead and DayZ. It’s gearing up for an April 26 release, so if you’re interested, better get your wallet ready now.

Death Stranding is going to be the first game from acclaimed video game director and Konami alumnus, Hideo Kojima, under his new development studio, Kojima Productions. As of this writing, there’s no set release date for this title.

Aside from that, fans are also waiting for the official announcement and unveiling of the next successor to the PlayStation series, the PlayStation 5. With any luck, Sony will have some news for us when E3 rolls around in June.