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YouTube Says It Can't Keep Terrorist Videos Off Site

  YouTube says it’s having trouble taking down all pieces of terror-related content.

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No Joke. You Can't Steal One-Liners on Twitter Anymore

  One Twitter user claimed copyright infringement after her tweet was copied and reposted. Twitter’s response to her claim might have set a precedent.

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How to Spot Online Liars

  The online world…we congregate, communicate, and in some cases even fornicate on it. But can you tell when you’re being lied to on the internet. Whether it’s a prospective mate or possible employee, how can you tell if the people you meet online are legit or liars?

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App Uses Vibration to Take Handsfree Panoramic Photos, Videos

  Cycloramic is a new app that allows users to take handsfree panoramic photos and videos. It was widely discovered when it’s creator, Bruno Fancois, appeared on ABC’s ‘Shark Tank.’. After that appearance, the company made $200,000 in 60 minutes. Cycloramic will spin your phone to take full 360 degree photos or video. The app […]

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Playing Keys

Kyle Russell takes a look at Keys the Keyboard and midi controller that anyone can play

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Mars Trek Is NASA's Answer to Google Earth for Mars

Now you can get a closer look at Mars without ever leaving the ground.

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E-Cigarette From China Infected Man’s Computer With Malware

  Smoking will not only damage your health but also your computer, as e-cigarettes manufactured in China are reportedly being used to spread malicious software through the USB connection used to charge the device.A recent post to social news site Reddit detailed how the computer of an executive at a “large corporation” had been infected […]

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Does Google Steal Your Ideas?

  Through its myriad media mechanisms, Google has access to a worrying amount of our data – but even more than that, it has an unprecedented number of our thoughts, art and ideas at its fingertips. Is Google stealing our ideas?

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Internet Capacity Nearing Overload

There’s a warning tonight that the internet is on course for a ‘capacity crunch’ that could put the whole system on the brink of collapse.

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