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Australians Are Betting on the Name of the New Internet Explorer

  Australians are having a punt on the new name of Microsoft’s next generation browser. Despite worldwide celebrations that Internet Explorer had been killed off by Microsoft, the company confirmed Wednesday to Mashable it is yet to totally pull the plug on one of the world’s most hated browsers. According to The Verge, Microsoft’s marketing […]

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Comcast May Be Violating Net Neutrality Rules

  By blocking HBO Go on PlayStation 4 and PS3, Comcast could be violating one of the FCC’s newly passed net neutrality rules.

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Is the Right to Be Forgotten Censorship?

  In 2014, the European Union’s Court of Justice determined that individuals have a right to be forgotten, “the right-under certain conditions-to ask search engines to remove links with personal information about them.” It is not absolute, but meant to be balanced against other fundamental rights, like freedom of expression. In the half year since […]

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