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Steps to Cleaning the Screen of your Tablet

When you buy a tablet, the first thing that you will need to do is to get a protective cover for the screen. A tablet or a smart phone which has touch screen is at high risk for scratches, thumb prints and so many other things. This is why, along with getting a protective cover, […]

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Facebook to Allow 'Legacy Contacts' for When You Die

There’s something new from Facebook, but you may not live to see it. The social network is set to begin rolling out a new feature called the “legacy contact.”

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Even TVs Can Collect Data on You, Thanks to Samsung

Samsung’s Smart TV could potentially record what you are saying in your living room and send it to third parties.

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The Best Gifts to Tech Out Your Valentine's Day

  Tired of the traditional chocolates and overpriced dinner? Add a little tech to your love life with some unique gifts that are sure to please your special someone. Brett Larson has the best tips to tech our your Valentine’s Day.

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