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The Best Holiday Music Apps to Entertain

  If you’re entertaining this holiday, there are a few apps that can help you stream a little holiday cheer. Krystin Goodwin has a few of the best music apps to set the mood for your holiday gathering!

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The Google Doctor Will See You Now

  It seems Google is trying to bring an end to all the fake ‘diagnoses’ resulting from folks searching for their symptoms and arriving at the wrong conclusions – or at least alleviate the problem. An image posted to Reddit shows a Google search for knee pain, and an option for the user to video […]

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The Hard Drive You Can Make Self-Destruct With a Text

  Reminiscent of something from Mission: Impossible, the Autothysis128t is a hard drive you can make self-destruct with a text message should you lose it or if it happens to fall into the wrong hands.

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Google's 'Rivalry' With Amazon? It's Complicated

  Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman, said this week in Berlin, “Many people think our main competition is Bing or Yahoo. But, really, our biggest search competitor is Amazon.” Schmidt likely intended to persuade a skeptical European audience that Google is not all powerful, and faces more competition than some might assume. Even so, he […]

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The Wearable Drone Camera, for When You Just Can't Manage a Selfie

  It’s a drone that doubles as a wristband, and it’s one step closer to being around your wrist. Nixie takes your GoPro’s vantage point one step further: On your command, you can unstrap the band from your wrist; it then transforms into a quadcopter and takes flight. Then, from above, the camera snaps photos […]

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