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Amazon Now Has A Dedicated Wearables Store

  Amazon wants you to know it has your back: the online retailer just opened a dedicated wearables portal , filtering all of its smartwatches, fitness trackers and human-mounted camera rigs to one place. It looks like little more than a featured-product splash page, but there’s a more going on under the surface. It’s hardly […]

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California Rejects Smartphone Kill Switch Bill

  Officials in California proposed legislation requiring mobile devices to have a “kill switch” that would render them inoperable if lost or stolen. Unfortunately not everyone was behind it! A bill that would mandate kill switch software on devices sold in California failed to gather the necessary 21 votes. A Creighton University study suggests a […]

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Identity Theft – Save Yourself

Identity theft has become a major growing problem all around the world. Every year, people are losing millions of dollars because of different scams. If you want to save yourself from identity theft then there are a few precautions you can take to minimize your chances of having your identity stolen. Here are some ways […]

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Anyone Can Buy Google Glass Right Now

  Google offered Glass to the public as part of a one day sale not long ago. Now it seems that anyone can order one again without an invite. There’s been no announcement so far, no fan fair, a few Redditors just happened to discover that you can head straight to the order page and […]

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'Loch Ness Monster' Caught On Apple Maps?

  A group of Loch Ness Monster enthusiasts say they’ve sighted the legendary Scottish beast via satellite images on Apple Maps. Andy Dixon showed the Daily Mail a screenshot of what he believes to be the mythical beast swimming just below the lake’s surface. The creature, which purportedly is seen periodically in Scotland’s Loch Ness, […]

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Facebook Paper Got Its First Big Update Today, But Is Anyone Using It?

  Here’s a shocker: Facebook’s first major update to Paper , its socially-augmented news-reading app , makes it more social. Specifically, the app’s 1.1 update now allows users to comment on posts using photos, added birthday and event notifications and tacked on an unread-message counter to help users keep track of Group activity. Facebook says […]

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Researcher Finds Flaw In Samsung Fingerprint Check

  Remember back in September when a couple of researchers figured out how to bypass the iPhone 5S’ fingerprint lock with a fancy fake rubber finger ? Turns out, the fingerprint sensor on Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 falls victim to the very same trick. They didn’t even have to make a new mold. German researchers […]

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OpenSSL Bug 'Heartbleed' Could've Leaked Private Data Online

  Millions of websites may have been leaking critically sensitive data for the past two years, thanks to a devastating flaw in the OpenSSL software many sites use to encrypt and transmit data. Security researchers say the bug, which affects software used by two out of every three web servers, made personal info vulnerable to […]

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Google Wants To Make You A Pokémon Master For April Fool's

  Google is adding another member to it’s team just in time for April Fools Day! But it’s not the typical tech job you’d think! In a video posted by Google Maps team, the company announced that it is creating a new position within the Maps team – Pokemon Master. Google has released 150 different […]

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