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Tinder Takes Over Olympic Village

Ah, the Olympic Village. Every four years, the world’s finest physical specimens gather to compete on the biggest athletic stage for their countries. They also show up to get down and dirty in the Olympic Village, where legendary stories of sexy encounters abound. Tinder, the social networking booty call app, has made its first appearance […]

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Flappy Envy: Google & Apple Block Games With Flappy Titles

  Apple and Google have reportedly begun cracking down on apps that appear to be trying to capitalize on the “Flappy Bird” phenomenon. Google and Apple are starting to block apps with the word “Flappy” in their titles, possibly due to recent popularity of now discontinued Flappy Bird. Shortly after the game’s developer Dong Nguyen […]

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Last-Minute 'I Love You's'

  Whether you’re a procrastinator, slacker, or just plain forgot about Valentine’s Day, some simple tech tricks can save the day. We take a look at some, high-tech ways of saying “I love you.” For example the app BloomThat can have a bouquet delivered to that special someone in about 90 mins.. If you’re at […]

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Best Dating Apps to Find Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is almost here and if you’re still in search of that special valentine, your smartphone may be a helpful tool. The dating world has gone digital and the latest apps can make breaking the ice a bit easier. While it may be hard to actually find a long lasting meaning full relationship with […]

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Flappy Bird Maker Says Game Over

  After soaring into our hearts with equal parts frustration and addiction, it looks like the viral smartphone game “Flappy Bird” is coming in for a landing. For good. The unfathomably popular game has been deleted from app stores, whoa are we! But never fear, if you feel the craving for a Flappy Bird fix […]

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Seamless Home Automation With Ninja Sphere

Ninja Sphere can automate a wide range of home tasks — heating, lighting, and tracking objects — and can send automation controls to a similarly wide range of devices, including smart watches.

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Keep your Smartphone Safe from any and All Hackers

These days, all of us depend a lot on our hand held devices or smart phones. We have a lot of data stored on them such as private photos, documents, music and a whole lot of other stuff which we wouldn’t want other people to misuse. This is why it is getting so much more […]

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Bitcoin Virtual Currency Booms

  You can’t see it or hold it but it’s almost as valuable now as an ounce of gold. The bitcoin or virtual currency has topped a $1,000 for the first time. Last year one unit was worth just $13 dollars Bitcoin, is on a roll as demand from China continues to climb. Bitcoin exchange, […]

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Is It The End of Plasma TVs?

There is a universal truth when it comes to technology; eventually it will become obsolete…and that seems to be what’s in the future for plasma TV sets. Plasma TVs look to be in peril after Panasonic announced it’ll stop making them in March 2014. CNET’s Brian Cooley tells you why there’s a major shift under […]

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